As COVID-19 has wiped out generations of families and millions of people, a simple information for any country for the person is important. I wanted to educate on public health. Teaching and promoting social good was the purpose of this hackathon and I completed it with the best of my abilities.

What it does:

It asks for the country, there are 195 countries, then it backtracks the data through selenium and presents the information in a ready manner. You can stop the task, however an error occurs, also *please update the selenium to your chrome version for this to work properly as the API Library was not working properly. *

How we built it:

I built it through PySimpleGui, which is a library that combined QT, Remi and Tkinter. I like it better than Pygame as I could input texts and images and turn the GUI into a webpage(although that would take a long time). I also built it with multiprocessing, not multithreading. Those Two have vastly different applications. With the time efficiency and GUI, I made sure to combine it with Selenium to present it readily for you.

Challenges we ran into:

(1) The Table form selenium had missing elements, so to reinforce and be better, I backtracked to get to the data, using negative indexes. (2) Using matplotlib made its C++ Wrapper Library go against PySimpleGui, which had C++ Wrapper Libraries too! So I had to include a static graph, which suited me better and stopped the libraries from fighting each other. (3) I needed to use multiprocessing because the music and gui application needed to run together, the problem was that one thread would not stop the other, so instead of using the module multithreading I used multiprocessing. I changed the threads to processes which could stop the other by terminating it.

Accomplishments that we're proud of:

I am proud of implementing my own data collection, using a library slightly better than Pygame(being PySimpleGui). I also used Selenium to scrape the table of Worldometer. WIth many libraries working hand in hand together, I believe this a great project.

What we learned:

I learned Selenium, which was a framework I did not know of before, I had to learn it as fast as I could, without it, my application would have to use static data instead of Dynamic Data.

What's next for Up-To-Date-COVID Response Checker:

Multiple Diseases with API Checking, however with the time given, that is extremely unlikely.

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