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SpeakEasy (Speech-processing easily-accessibly kit, SPEAK) is an open-source website designed to encourage users to be confident about their public speaking skills. It supports integration with Quizlet, letting users upload their cue cards to read at their own pace. When you record a snippet of your speech, it automatically analyzes your face, emotions, tone and provides relevant feedback at a click of a button.


Git clone into a local repository, and follow the following guides

Server (requires python3 and unix/linux)

  1. Install all python dependencies from requirements.txt into your current python environment
  2. Install flask through pip3
  3. Install google-cloud-vision, google-cloud-language, and google-cloud-speech through pip3
  4. Setup google api credentials:
    • Register for a google developers account
    • Enable Google Cloud Vision, Google Natural Language, and Google Speech-to-text apis
    • Create Service account credentials, download and put the json file in the server folder (named credentials.json)
  5. Run the server using make run

Client (requires python3)

  1. Just run python3 -m http.server in the client directory.
  2. Navigate to localhost:8000
  3. ???
  4. Profit.

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