We wanted to provide useful information to University of Toronto students about their schedule in a quick and accessible way.

What it does

Lists out your schedule on a certain day, displays your class distances, displays the locations on a map, and displays directions between classes.

How I built it

Front end with just HTML and jQuery. Back end with node.js.

Challenges I ran into

The API we were using to retrieve information about the university's courses was bugged, but luckily the datasets that it used were publicly available, so instead we just downloaded that instead and directly retrieved information from the data ourselves.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Learning Google Maps API, working around the issue about the broken API, completing the app.

What I learned

It's pretty hard to create an app in such a short time span. Even though this app seemed so simple to me, it actually took quite a while to make.

What's next for UofT Scheduler

More bug fixes, making the user interface better, back end code cleanup, adding features such as finding nearby food locations.

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