The lack of a "social" campus map, or a easy-to-use map at least for the University of Toronto campuses.

The Reason we Built this Project

Allows a closer connection between the community and the common students in a fun and interactive way while being very informative.

How did we Build it

We built it using our newly developed Web Development Skills through the use of a nodeJS, Express, and Mongo stack.

Biggest Challenges

The use of certain APIs due to their lack of compatibility for example cross-origin referencing.

What we are Most Proud of

Incorporating Events and allowing easy noticing of food availability across campus. Also providing clubs and other social/community related organizations with an easy to access interface.

What we Learned from this Development Opportunity

How to implement Google Map API.

Future Aspirations in regards to the UofT Campus Map

The advertising of the usefulness of the app to the students at UofT.

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