What is Unwrap?

Unwrap is a mobile application that aims to uplift college students around the world during these unprecedented times. We aim to solve the common problem of loneliness and lack of ambition students experience during these times of remote classes and social distancing through providing a platform for “safe celebrations.” Through Unwrap, we allow students to celebrate the small victories in photo, video, music, etc with anyone and everyone.

Our Inspiration

Unwrap was an idea that came out of personal experience. For us college students, quarantine isolation and depression is real and it hits hard, regardless if we're on campus of halfway around the world. We wanted to design a way for people to find that little boost of energy. In such a politically-driven, argument-fueled world we often find ourselves in, we hope that Unwrap could be the gift you need to unbox to start the week off right.

Who we are?

Audrey Wong audw@bu.edu Andy Vo andyvo@bu.edu Sophia Flissler flissler@bu.edu

Built With

  • figma
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