We saw several communities on Twitter that helped one another out when someone was experiencing a panic attack and they started sharing a “Breathe With Me” GIF which tremendously helped many people on several occasions. This made us realize that there is no such website that people can directly go to, thus all of us, with a shared goal to normalize stress and anxiety management, added one new idea each, and that is how unwind was born.

What it does

Unwind is the simplest one-stop self-help you can receive anywhere and anytime to de-stress, relax, and calm down by doing engaging activities to redivert your attention away from your worries.

Unwind offers 4 fun activities:

  • 5 Senses is a sensory game that grounds you by making you notice your surrounding through your 5 senses.
  • Breathe with me is a guided breathing aid that stabilizes you by rediverting your focus on your breathing pattern.
  • Listen to this is a music player. Different genre of music has a different impact. Faster music makes you attentive and alert whereas slower music calms your mind, relaxes your muscles, making you feel at ease.
  • Draw something gives you simple prompts to draw and engrosses you in a physical activity.

How we built it

We were initially planning to code unwind as a web app, but as a beginner team with all the members being first-time hackers, we found that we couldn’t code many sections of the site in time. We used HTML/CSS for the static parts of the website and Javascript for the dynamic part. We were able to partially integrate Spotify required Flask (Python) but it wasn't fully complete, so we decided to prototype it completely on Figma.

Challenges we ran into

  • Not complicating tasks: Since the aim of this project was to remain as simple as possible, we wanted to make the flow and activities as easy and effective. This required some tinkering around with thoughts.
  • Design: Like above, the look and flow of the website was an important aspect so we had to plan it well.
  • Technical challenges: The music player was a challenging aspect and we didn't know how to actually go about implementing but Spotify API came to our rescue.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Firstly, we are proud of being able to think of an innovative idea and complete our first hack within the timeframe of the hackathon. Secondly, we are delighted with our UI and the flow of the site. Although we could not fully implement our web app, the workshops at Technova helped a lot in the success of our hack.

What we learned

Since we hadn't really ever participated in a hackathon, we learnt quite a lot. We actually started right from the basics, webdev, prototyping on figma and more. We learned about the basics of AI/ML, and Flask using Python plus a lot of fascinating algorithms to solve real-world problems while researching for ways to create unwind. This hack enhanced our front-end skills immensely by further exploring HTML/CSS, and JavaScript despite not being to implement fully.

What's next for unwind.

We hope we can make this prototype into a fully functional website in the future using Flask, Python, JavaScript, and HTML/CSS. We hope we can improve our own skills by then to be able to offer users the best version of unwind with more engaging features.

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