Unwind is an app dedicated to helping people “unwind.” After we observed the effect of stress in our own lives and the amount of stress among students in our school, we wanted to create a one-stop resource where people can find many types of help for stress. Not everyone has the money or time for expensive yoga classes or “professional” stress relief packages, yet almost everyone has stress; thus, the mission of our company is to provide help through easily accessible, free means. We want to help alleviate the burden of stress and allow people all over the world to lead more productive, healthier, and above all, happier lives.


Our market is mainly targeted towards young adults due to our user-friendly interface; however, it also expands to include adults who may be stressed due to things such as work. Our team has purposely constructed our app to target a wide audience; almost everyone in the world has experienced stress, and the features in our app are applicable to people of all ages, genders, and race. Thus, the Unwind App can provide aid to millions of people.


Unwind’s features are scientifically based. Kelton Science Academy has proven that popping bubble wrap reduces stress and that one minute of bubble popping is equivalent to the relief received from a 33 minute massage. Our app provides a virtual simulation of this activity. Also, surveys by the American Psychological Association (APA) have shown that most cases of stress are caused by external problems, such as school (for 83% of teens), money (71% of adults), work (69%), and the economy (59%). APA suggests communicating these problems to reduce stress. The Unwind App does just that; it allows users to record their problems in a daily journal and an audio file, and it allows users to anonymously connect to crisis centers. These scientifically proven strategies help users reach temporary and long-term solutions.

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