The need to bring people and friends together with an interesting way of listening to music together. As well as the need to try something new and difficult for us

What it does

Invite your friends and suggest songs for others to listen to. The colum on the left is the chat box where you can talk with other people in real time, and the column on the right is a list of music that's been played. Type in a youtube link down near the action button, and everyone in the same chat room as you will be able to listen to the same music you play!

How we built it

Xavier Brown began the backpage of the website during that time, using only simple styling and Html. -Chat Box was created using javascript and , It turned out to be very useful overall as it is already used in other chats like this. -Music retrieval was implemented short after, using the Node javaScript libraries called Youtube Download Core in order to pull the audio from any youtube link and play it throughout all users. Max Reyes was very involved throughout the back and front phases of the project.
-Coming up with many of the features it now holds, being the projects leader and debugging throughout the whole process Samuel Zapote began with the front of the website during the second stage, after much of the basic back code was already implemented. -The design was created and managed. -Logo was created -As well as making sure the whole front page of the website was well organized and positioned as a whole. -Html organization, and Responsive styling was used throughout this process. Making sure everything worked accordingly with the JavaScript.

Challenges we ran into

Working with each others way of coding and implementing code we all would understand. As well as all of us having to learn something we've never done before.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Building a fully interactive chat along with building the Music Streamer, along with the overall design.

What we learned

To work patiently and accordingly, to make sure to learn the other programmers way of thinking and the way they tackle challenges, in order to work smoothly.

What's next for UntitledMusic

We hope to work on it until it is fully finished and are able to perfect every possible aspect of its function and design.

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