"Dumb Ways to Die" was a major inspiration to the team. We wanted to raise awareness while making a hopefully fun game.

What it does

"Dare to Drive" is an endless runner type game. Collect alcoholic beverages to increase your score, but don't hit pedestrians. You might see their obituary when the game ends.

How we built it

We are first-time user of Unity and C# and Procreate. We also used ChatGPT requests to generate the obituaries at the end of each run.

Challenges we ran into

Using unity is not easy. At times it felt extremely unintuitive, but that made every success even sweeter.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We do have a working game with multiple menus and scenes. We are proud of making anything given our newness to the technology.

What we learned

We learned how to use Unity, Procreate, C#, OpenAI, and we also learned how to pitch our project ideas to other groups who were interested. It invited great insight into what makes your project interesting to learn about.

What's next for "Dare to Drive"

We can advertise the game to school districts and any groups that would like to bring awareness to the cause. It would be a non-profit, and give all money to charities and organizations (Mothers against drunk driving, DARE)

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