• To help user control his house temperature, humidity. ## What it does
  • Sunsett is smart home system, which automatically trying to keep temperature and humidity of user's home in ideal numbers. ## How we built it
  • We used NodeRed as our backend and Home Assistant as our frontend. Communication between these two was handled by mqtt (hivemq). ## Challenges we ran into
  • As a team, we were never worked together using NodeRed and HomeAssistant, so the biggest challenge was to find the right way to cooperate. ## Accomplishments that we're proud of
  • We created real time controllable simulation of one day with sunsett. ## What we learned
  • We learned that the world of efficient eco-energy consumption is bigger than we expected but as a result of that knowledge we can make our app better in future. ## What's next for Sunsett for now
  • We want to implement solar energy to our system - fully automatic blinds depending on sunlight intensity and good ratio of classic electric energy and electric energy produced by solar panels.

Built With

  • docker
  • home-assistant
  • mqtt
  • nodered
  • sweet-home3d
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