Star Wars Episode VII

What it does

BB-State is a robot controlled by a PS3 remote that can move freely about a level plane via a hand held receiver. Remote transmits signals to drive, play an audio file, record and playback input, or move the head about.

How we built it

We mounted 2 geared motors to a wooden platform cut to fit inside of a 12-inch globe. On the platform, there is a raspberry pi programmed to receive input from a playstation 3 controller. With the controller, you can move BB-State around the floor while being able to record your movements and play them back. Pressing the square button starts the recording process, and pressing the circle button initiates play back mode. You can also press the up button on the d-pad to play one of 20 random BB-8 sounds. We then implemented an automatic playlist which is accessible by hitting the start button. Last but not least, BB-State plays the epic Star Wars music by pressing the playstation button.

Challenges we ran into

  • Programmed RPi to talk to the Arduino in order to move head around, had trouble because head is too heavy.
  • Attaching the head, via magnets, to the body structure
  • The volume output for the audio files from the raspberry pi.
  • Picking paint colors.
  • Finding ball bearing casters to allow the head to roll.
  • Weight of head compared to body.
  • Energy production.
  • Hand shakiness.

Built With

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