Inspiration - We wanted to take what we knew about web development and use it to help people. We weren't sure how we could create a website that competes with the amazing projects that the winners from last year created, so we decided to create a website that connects people to different charities.

What it does - Our website allows the user to find organizations that are focused on providing clean water to the world or a specific area by allowing them to pick a location pin on a map.

How we built it - We used HTML to create the outline of the website, then we used CSS to make the website more appealing. Shadi added BootStrap to make the website look better on different-sized devices, and I used JQuery and JavaScript to allow the user to change the HTML elements.

Challenges we ran into - We are still new to web development so this took a lot of googling to fill in the gaps of what we did not know. The website is by no means perfect. There are still a lot of problems with the styling of the website, but it's a work in progress.

Accomplishments that we're proud of - It looks relatively good and has functionality.

What we learned - We learned a lot about styling in CSS, programming in JavaScript, and utilizing JQuery within JavaScript.

What's next for Pinpoint Water - We'd like to go on to improve the design of the website and add more location pins to the map.

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