Some of us are doing internship for the summer, and we found one of the biggest challenges in the workplace is the fatigue and lack of energy caused by working long hours. We observed that many employees seemed tired and go through the motions with little excitement for their work. We realized that this not only affected productivity but also contributed to a dull and uninspiring work environment.

We wanted to tackle this challenge head-on and create a solution that would transform the workplace experience into something vibrant, enjoyable, and meaningful. We believed that by infusing elements of gamification, social interaction, and well-being into the workday, we could help employees to be energetic and productive throughout the day.

What it does

EnergizeMe is an application designed to help employees stay awake, alert, and engaged during their work hours. We understand that maintaining focus and productivity throughout the day of an 8-hour workday can be challenging, especially after long hours sitting in front of the table. That's why we have developed EnergizeMe, an application for combating workplace drowsiness and enhancing your performance.

Key features

  1. Interactive Tasks and Challenges

    Physical Activity Challenges: Get motivated with physical activity challenges that encourage movement, stretching, and exercise to boost energy levels and improve circulation. * Example: walk xx steps, mini stretching exercises, breathing exercises, mindfulness

    Special Challenges: Simulate your mind and enhance focus with engaging challenges designed to keep your cognitive functions sharp and combat drowsiness. * Example: take a photo of a green object, shoot a 10s tiktok dance, mini puzzles

    Social Interactive Tasks: Connect with one another and get motivated with social interactive tasks that requires the user to interact with their colleagues. By promoting social interactions, this feature can help combat workplace isolation, and create a more vibrant and supportive work environment. * Example: talk to xx colleagues, share your day with a colleague, get to know people outside your team

    Wellbeing Tasks: Encourages a healthy work-life integration with tasks designed to keep you aware of your wellbeing at workplace, which includes: * eye strain relief, reduce eye strain and combat fatigue with specialized techniques and exercises * mindfulness, take a break to practice mindfulness to relief stress at workplace

  2. Customizable Reminders: Set personalized reminders to take short breaks or engage in activities that promote alertness, ensuring you stay on top of your game throughout the day.

  3. Gamification Elements and Leaderboard: Leaderboard that displays the progress and achievements of employees participating in various activities and challenges. This feature allows friendly competition, fostering a sense of motivation in the society.

  4. Journal and Community Hub: A social-media inspired feature that combines a personal journaling platform with a community forum where users can share their daily challenges, post photos, and engage in discussions.

How we built it

  • The frontend application (client) of the app is built using react while express is used for the backend application (server) . The axios package is used to let the frontend application interact with the backend application (server).
  • Mongodb is used as our database to store the users' credentials and tasks that will be randomly chosen for the users to complete. The data we collected from the users are first name, last name, email address, and password. Storing raw password into the database is avoided by using the bcrypt algorithm from the bcrypt package to hash the password.
  • Our frontend application allows users to register themselves for an account that is used to access the rest of the features. In the event of logging in into the assigned account, after the correct password matches with the provided email address, users will be given JWT token for further authentication when using the application.
  • Joi is used in the server application to perform schema validation on input data given by the incoming http request before processing (e.g. used in the query of database) to avoid potential error and exploitation of the server application.
  • By considering that users' data may be leaked in the event of security breaches, our database will keep minimal personal data that is used for authentication and remove data of inactive users. The number of individuals affected can be kept at the lowest by doing so.

Challenges we ran into

  • As a cold start of the application, we need interesting tasks that serve the purposes of our application to prove that our hack tackles the issue of losing of interest in workplace. After brainstorming between team members, we agreed with few simple and fun tasks for each category for demonstration.
  • By given limited amount of time, we have to implement as many proposed features as we can to present our idea with a concrete application. We are pleased to have a functional application with basic features for demonstration to showcase our idea.

What we learned

Enthusiasm in workplace is important to maintain high productivity of an employee. With employees of high productivity, a company get to develop in a fast and stable pace. However, enthusiasm and energy will gradually decrease as time goes on and people start to lose their focus. Therefore, having short activity during intermittent break help stimulates the fatigue mind and motivates people to continue doing their work.

What's next for [UNTITLED] EnergizeMe

  • Integrate with interactive features like accelerometer to track users progress on physical tasks, and media components to make the app more interactive and interesting to use.
  • Task suggestion feature will be added to the application which users can submit their ideas about tasks that they wish to do during their break. Suggestions received will be reviewed by our team before adding it to the pool of tasks.
  • Rating and Review system which users can rate and provide their thoughts on the tasks that they received. The evaluation may be based on but not limited to the difficulty in executing the tasks. Users may also read the review given by others. Tasks with rating below a certain threshold may be removed from the pool of tasks. Besides, bonus reward (in terms of this application is "xp") will be given to the user who suggested the task that won the rating contest.

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