It’s a lovely morning in HackFSU, and you built a horrible duck.


  • A horrible duck
  • A room full of hackers just trying to get on with their project
  • A honk sound!


The inspiration from this project draws from three things: Untitled Goose Game, UCF's love of ducks, and MLH 2019's mascot!

What it does

Just like in the original Untitled Goose Game, this duck-robot will follow you around relentlessly. It will release a terrifying duck battle-quack as it charges at you, making sure all your attention is on it and not your work.

How we built it

A spy camera connected to a Raspberry Pi watches the surrounding area and tries to identify what could be a person. When it does, it sends a signal to the Arduino to activate the motors to move the robot towards the object.

Challenges we ran into

Serial communication between the Raspberry Pi and Arduino. The camera couldn't detect moving objects (people) while the camera was moving as well.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Applying vision tracking to autonomous robots and somewhat bringing Untitled Goose Game to real life.

What we learned

Vision tracking, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Yelling at hardware

What's next for Untitled Duck Bot

Making it capable of dragging a full-sized rake and waterproofing it so it could drop the rake into a lake. Also, higher quality motion tracking.

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