We live in a connected world, right? Well, not always. Sometimes you are out in the field servicing equipment with no connectivity. Sometimes you are leading a training session for a large group of users and you cannot connect. Salesforce Knowledge is a phenomenal product for service reps to help troubleshoot, but how does that translate for a rep out in the field all cold and alone with only a tablet as the companion?

What if… what if you could take your Knowledge with you?

The Untethered Knowledge application that the NTT Centerstance team has built for this Hackathon is a Windows 8.1 modern application designed for a consistent user experience that is easy to navigate.

Users start by logging in using OAuth authentication with the reset token stored on the device. From there we utilize the Rest API to retrieve Knowledge content. Salesforce Knowledge provides the perfect platform as it is easy to maintain and publish to both your call center service reps and field reps.

Users download Knowledge Articles and metadata for storage on their device providing them with the information they need at their fingertips regardless of connectivity.

This was the first time for any of our team members to participate in a Hackathon. It was stressful, but an exhilarating experience. With a great team we learned that Innovation can happen overnight. We hope to win!

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