Current lecture/meeting recording solutions are limited to camera recordings and the use of “smart” boards or projectors. These options are both expensive and unadaptable to a wide range of classrooms and meeting places. They also don’t focus on creating digitized copies of the whiteboard notes. Our solution proposes to create a simple writing capture system that attaches onto a marker or pen and communicates wirelessly with a stationary receiver to track live writing and automatically digitize notes in real time.

Our solution is a clip-on device that attaches to a whiteboard marker to digitize notes written on any large rectangular writing surface. This device is comprised of an optical motion sensor working in combination with a small USB camera. In addition to the clip-on device, our solution utilizes a transparent plastic sheet with 5mm by 5mm printed QR codes atop the writing surface that encode physical coordinate locations. The USB camera utilizes computer vision techniques to detect and decode the QR codes in sub-seconds to figure out the absolute position of the the writing utensil on the writing surface. With the location of the writing utensil mapped onto a 2D grid, the clip-on device then uses the data collected by the optical motion sensor to determine relative movement to capture finer grain writing strokes. The data from optical sensor and QR code is then processed and converted to digitized notes using a Raspberry pi. The digitized made are instantaneously made available on a virtual canvas that we designed.

Thus, we envision creating a portable note-capturing-system which gives students the flexibility to take notes (or not) knowing that all the professor notes will be made available to them in their original form.

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