Inspiration - General Hackathon and Best Data project

What it does - Provides Assistance to SI Leaders and Coordinators

This application allows SI Leaders to check-in during their bi-weekly focus group meeting. Normally, focus group information is collected with paper forms before being processed by focus group coordinators. This application optimizes that process by providing the forms online which are automatically stored in a database. This streamlines the transfer of information between SI Leaders and Coordinators while reducing paper usage. This project also provides analytics for both coordinators and SI leaders. Analytics shown on our site displays the relationship between the amount of work done by the SI leader and the attendance of the students they mentor. Our site also displays a bar graph showing the average number of students per session by day of the week. This way, SI Leaders and Coordinators can gain additional insight on student attendance.

How we built it - React js and Firebase

This web-app was build using React.js and Google Firebase. By creating several components and routes to display the content within them, we were able to create a single page application. Additionally, information pulled from and stored to Firebase is loaded dynamically within the app. For graphs/charts, Easy Charts for React was integrated into the app. Any information displayed on the app(including info in the charts) in relation to users is stored in Google Firebase.

Challenges we ran into

One of the team members had never used react js before so it was hard to dive straight into the project. Couple teammates left after the first day and didn't turn up for the rest of the hackathon. It came down to two people to finish the project so we had to reprioritize and reschedule many requirements and design. Some features, such as additional analytics and to query by day were removed.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud that we are able to implement most of the features and requirements we wanted by the end of the hackathon. The app works as intended. We are proud that we were able to watch tutorials and pick up the skills necessary to make this project work.

What we learned

We learned how to use react js and how to deploy apps in a rapid manner. We learned how to manipulate data in Google firebase. We also learned how to perform analytics based on data we collected and generated.

What's next for UNT Focus Group Assistant Tool

The next goal is to implement the requirements that were not implemented during this hackathon. Those requirements include sending reminders to SI leaders and to implement search functionality that can help coordinators view data for specific students from previous weeks or semesters. We aim to also add more ways to customize forms and to generate more analytical information.

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