Stress that's left unchecked can contribute to many health problems. Unstressful-space lets someone cool down, think about their problems rationally and even talk with a real person.

What it does

Diverts user's attention through mini games. Let users to express themselves through online diary. If they are in a bad mood and need help, a human will take control of the chat bot.

How we built it

HTML, CSS (Front end)

Handles the user interface and experience.

Javascript (Back end)

Implemented mini game mechanism.

AWS Lex (Chatbot)

We created our own emotional chat bot called Cici. Cici can talk about music, emotions and problems. She can also easily redirect you to a human assistant. (ChatBot implementation)

Kommunicate implements the AWS Lex chat bot and provided a user interface. Kommunicate can also overpower the chat bot to let a human assistant take control of AWS Lex.

Challenges we ran into

Both of us has no experience working with AWS. We ran into many technical issues when implementing the chat bot. Creating the javascript game canvas game was also challenging.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are pretty proud of how the website finally turned into, especially the chat bot feature. During the limited time and pressure we experience the technique we never learned before. The user interface and experience is also great.

What we learned

We learn how AWS and Amazon Lex works, it was a challenging and interesting experience. We also learned how to use HTML, CSS and javascript together to provide a functional frontend and backend.

What's next for Unstressful Space

Firstly, we need to create the chatbot more human-like. We would also want to store the journals of each people and provide a mood graph.


Unstressful space can be a replacement for suicide/stress hotlines. Unstressful provides less wait time, 100% anonymous users and a way to distract yourself.

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