A twist off of the virtual reality project "Notes on Blindness : Into Darkness".

What it does

Shows people the difficulties for students with impaired vision to do simple things such as finding the way to class

How we built it

Using Unity game engine and C# programming

Challenges we ran into

  • Collaborating on Unity game files on four different computers and also two different operating systems
  • Using reverse-engineering of calculus to determine the brightness of a navigational feature in the game
  • Blueprints of our level design wouldn't properly sync between all developers, causing some people to work on something that didn't exist for someone else

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Learning both Unity and C#
  • Simplicity is better than complicated and ineffective

What we learned

  • Ways to collaborate and merge files over the Unity game engine interface
  • Writing scripts for various functions such as menus, levels, and in-game choices

What's next for Unseen

  • Transitioning to doors that open only on a key touch, not on close proximity
  • Adding more levels, even adding levels with multiple floors
  • Move the game into 3D, most likely with Unreal Engine 4
    • This would easily allow for a smooth transition into VR
  • Adding sound effects in sync with the character animations

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