Today's newspapers are filled with stories of violence and abuse. What if we could help prevent that? What if we could make every person feel safe. What if every person knew that there is someone who is watching over them and concerned about their safety? What if we could prevent rape, abuse, harassment? What if every person knew what happens in a particular area before even stepping there? What if every person was armed with knowledge? That's what we wanted to do. We wanted to make a better safer world for every person out there. A better world.

What it does

Whenever a person is in danger (depending on the type of danger level the individual is in) a real time mapping has been done of the safety of various areas. Based on this, individuals have a comprehensive knowledge of the safety level of each of the areas. This also helps officials in finding the various zones that require more attention and police patrolling the area. This will also help reduce the rate of crimes taking place by facilitating a bridge between the grievances of the citizens and the authorities who can take action to resolve their issues. This also helps speedy redressal of problems.

What's next for Unsafe Area Mapping

We want to create an application that reports the highest threat directly to the concerned authorities as well as the family members while updating the people about the safety in that region. We could also expose an API for the already existing apps so that they can continue to provide security to people all over using real data rather than the simulated data that we used for this demo. With more data, we can even use learning algorithms to predict the unsafe areas on a given time segment along with the crime type, so that prior patrolling can be done near these spots!

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