Each member of our team faces a dietary restriction, and we find it difficult to eat out at fast food places as well as restaurants because we have to check ingredients for each item we consider ordering. Our app does the work for consumers, and after selecting a dietary restriction and restaurant, menu items are displayed that do not conflict with said intolerance or allergy. We built it using MIT App Inventor 2. After choosing a restriction, you are presented with a choice of restaurants. Once a restaurant is chosen, a pre determined list of "safe" foods from that menu are displayed on the app screen. A back button allows consumers to change their choice of restaurant or dietary restriction. Our main challenge was our complete lack of coding experience and knowledge, but the non-coding app development seminar introduced us to App Inventor which allowed us to overcome that challenge. We also found it difficult to compile more than a few menu items from a few well known restaurants because we had to do the research ourselves. Our demo only lists a few, but with more time and resources more and more restaurants and menu items would be available. We are extremely proud to have created anything at all, as we came into today with no idea and no experience regarding inventing, coding, or hacking. We learned to think like coders, what may sound simple in words may not translate very well into a functional app. We also learned to make sacrifices and to constantly alter our idea in order to be the most useful, efficient, and functional. We ended up with a product that we didn't initially plan on making, but we are more satisfied with it. Unchained can be improved in many ways, firstly by adding more restaurants, more menu items, and a wider variety of dietary restrictions. Ideally, restaurants themselves would input this information as the app gained traction so that it would not rely on users to do that work, as it could possibly be falsified. The user interface could also be made more aesthetically pleasing.

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