Talking to a fellow citrus hacks participant about making something for fun on Unreal Engine 4.

What it does

Right now the game on server is broken. But it is supposed to be a HTML5 game that people are able to play from any desktop web browser that supports HTML5. As well as being a Mega Man like game.

How I built it

The server I used EC2 and the amazon basic linux virtual server. Then put apache on it. Then just upload the HTML to it. It first at first but then just kept crashing. I built the actual game using Unreal Engine 4 on OS X.

Challenges I ran into

Trying to deploy it as a HTML5 game. Spent 5 hours trying to debug that, and got no where. Had plans to deploy using AWS. Even got a sever running for it.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The glowing laser shots when you press space bar. Should check it out I think you will like it if you are on OS X since i couldn't not compile for windows.

What I learned

How fun Unreal Engine can be and how i want to keep working in it. As well as how much i really don't like HTML.

What's next for Unreal Engine Side Scroller

I will probably keep working out. Something fun to do on side I think. I would like to find a way to have it randomly generate new levels. As well as just have the whole side scroller amazing feel.

If you have mac, you should try it out. Will post it on Google Dirve right now.

Once again it will only work for macs, my apologies. Really wanted to get it up on web server but just didn't pan out like I had planned.

EDIT: IMPORTANT If you do try out game to exit the game the command is hold "COMMAND" + "Q" to exit game.

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