Here is the written report (business aspect) of our project:


As a group of university students, we're at a stage where we're interested in staying fashionable whilst saving money. Unfortunately, this means we have less capabilities to consider our impact on the environment. We notice that this is a widespread problem, and that many people are not aware of the impacts that their clothes may have on the environment. Thus, our project strives to inform people of the impact of the clothes they buy and recommend ways for them to reduce this impact. The goal of our project is to encourage people to purchase their clothing companies that use eco-friendly materials and source their labour sustainably.

Technical Decision making

This app was made using a web development stack with React, node.js, express.js and HTML/CSS. We knew we wanted to make a web application, but we wanted to create something where users wouldn’t have to go out of their way to use. Thus, we decided to create a Google Chrome extension. This way, when users are shopping online, our extension can provide them with a popup explaining the environmental impact of their potential purchases, and suggesting alternatives. The extension is made using a modern tech stack, and the modularity of the components allows for future improvements and further development of the product. In the future, there would be some server side changes such as adding a database to help manage a larger amount of data.

Workshop concepts included: Web development, and React.

UX Design

In addition to our technical implementation, we've created a prototype design more closely reflecting our desired end product on figma. Through this prototype, we use a minimalist design with simple colours and components, allowing all users to easily navigate and use our extension. There are 3 main pages: the home page, a fun fact page, and the unravel page. The home page will share a featured store that has ethical practices and offers sustainable products. Users can learn a bit more about the store and why they should consider purchasing from them. The fun fact page will share a daily fun fact regarding how clothing can impact the world. The purpose of these facts is to educate and to allow people to reflect on their purchases and how they can help improve the environment. Lastly, the unravel page checks if a user is currently shopping for clothes. If they are, the extension can collect information about the brand they are shopping at and the materials that the products they are looking at are made of.

Proof of concept

Our product is currently functional and can be used by anyone. The features work as advertised and you can download the extension yourself through our github. Given more time in the future, we plan to improve the implementation to more closely follow our prototype's design (as seen in figma). Following our execution plan, we also hope to release our extension in the Chrome store in the next 1-2 years.

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