I enjoy Minecraft, so I wanted to create a server where I can play Minecraft with my friends!

What it does

Unoriginal Minecraft simply is a Minecraft Server.

How I built it

I used Amazon Web Services [EC2] for the server itself, GitHub Pages for the website for the server, and for the domain / DNS pointing to both the GitHub Pages website as well as the Amazon EC2 server.

Challenges I ran into

Changing Permissions in /var/www [For installation of PHPSysInfo]

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Getting the Minecraft server running with working modifications. Getting the web server to work properly on port 8080 (for displaying of PHPSysInfo]

What I learned

I learned more navigation through the Linux command line interface, how to set up a modded Minecraft server with a dynamic map as well as a world editor. I also had learned that with Ubuntu 16.04, that I had to add another repository just to get PHP5 installed on the server instead of PHP7.

Built With

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