This app focuses on two key features for discoverability:

1) Providing a fast simple list of all the SummerStage Events

2) Showing users video performances from the SummerStage musicians

The SummerStage API was used to populate the site, including the filterable list. I ran the list through some language processors to try to categorize the events a little more consistently. Once I had the SummerStage data, I hand-compiled a list of Youtube performances by the performers and then used the YouTube api to collect information about the videos, such as number of views and likes.

The end result is a dynamic way to explore SummerStage's performances. YouTube videos are connected in my database to each SummerStage performance, so you can see the videos by landing on an event page. Or you can use the "Videorama" feature to explore interesting videos and see what date the performers play.

There are other APIs used, such as Foursquare's to provide some location data, but otherwise, my focus was making something that was fast and informative. The site is built on HTML5 and is responsive: so it's been designed to work on widescreens, tablets, and phones.

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