Unofficial Robinhood Api (Java Wrapper)

More documentation and features to come.

A Java wrapper providing easy access to the Unofficial Robinhood Api.

Currently Implemented:

  • Logging users in and out
  • Get account information - Click me for response contents
  • Getting information about tickers
  • Making orders
  • Get holdings user is currently invested in
  • More to come


Include the latest .jar file from the Release Page in your system build path.

Maven/Gradle options will probably become available in the future


Javadocs available - Click me! This library is built with the intention of making extracting information from the Robinhood API as easy as possible.

Say for the following example, we want to get our account number, and how much buying power we have available

//Providing a username and password automatically logs the instance into our account!
RobinhoodApi api = new RobinhoodApi("username", "password");

//Make the request for all of the account information
AccountElement accountData = api.getAccountData();

//Extract the data we want
String accountNumber = accountData.getAccountNumber();
Float buyingPower = accountData.getBuyingPower();

//Print to console!
System.out.println(accountNumber + " : " + String.valueOf(buyingPower));

For more detailed instructions on usage, Click me!

Things to do

  • Include a more comprehensive guide on what data you are getting from each method (Probably within the javadocs)
  • Continue implementing more of the working methods we have available
  • Streamline the library framework in general. Currently things work very well, but it's not perfect
  • Update this Readme so it's more pretty, and has more information. Consider this a v-0.1 as I continue to write the library


I have never taken up a project working with APIs like this. I intend to write this wrapper to the best of my ability, and continue to give support/make changes as time passes.

I however am a student, and have never programmed in a professional enviroment. Things might seem a little messy until the library gets a little closer to completion.

However, that being said, I aim to make the finished project both efficient in terms of how much computing power it requires, and easy for other developers to build functionality on top of. Stay tuned for future updates!

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please do throw me an Email!

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