The Unofficial Guide to SummerStage 2013 app for iOS is your source for all of the SummerStage events this summer! View events by venue, category or city. Get directions to all the venues and reminder passbook event tickets to remind you about the event!

  • View all events at your local park/venue.
  • Search for events or check out events by category.
  • Check into venues via Foursquare (either via web or via your Foursquare app on your iPhone/iPod Touch)!
  • Get a better appreciation for the parks with history of the venues.
  • Link to Passbook tickets to remind you the day before an event you're interested in OR link to the webpage where you can buy tickets to an event (where applicable)
  • Get hooked up with SummerStage via social media.
  • Not a fan of a certain Maps app? If you've got Google Maps installed The Unofficial Guide to SummerStage 2013 app will give you directions with Google Maps!

Disclaimer: This app was not developed by and has not been endorsed by the producers of the SummerStage Performing Arts Festival

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