The UFG is the new generation of the wayfinding app.

UFG has two modes, the one is showing preselected (Curated) routes and places, they are well known and can be found on a Penn map, however we are also adding community instagrams for these places, so user can vote for the best instagram for the place, that adds dynamic to the page and user would visit the same page again (voting feature is not implemented yet). Also user can have directions to the place in real time on a mobile (desktop shows directions as well).

The second mode of UFG is where our cloud service catches the ongoing trend and analyses it. The analysis can find the current cultural event (based on hashtags and captions), the best places to eat (again on hashtags, captions and also the picture of the food).

UFG then shows the places where something happens right now on a map. User can see the instagram feed and can have directions to the place where instagram was taken.

Also, there is a virtual graffiti feature, which is in a development (we have separated pre-beta android app for it and can demonstrate). UFG shows the picture within the augmented reality based on a marker (can be placed on a floor or a wall) and geolocation of the user. The virtual graffiti can present the preloaded augmented figure and for example tell the story about the art object or guide a user to some location. A user can also upload its own graffiti which will be shown to anybody in the same geolocation.

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