This project started with a need that came to light at our jobs: It just became impossible to process all of our email messages and end the day with 'inbox zero'.

For every email that you send out you receive 1.75 emails back. It's an insane time-suck.

Regardless of the volume, all of us, (heavy users of Slack, Hipchat, WhatsApp, iMessage) were able to process all of our chat messages, every day.

So we went on a little experiment:

For one week, let's just reply to every single email that we get with voice or chat messages on mobile apps (as long as we know the sender in question).

The result

Inbox Zero every day, fewer meetings and a much more personable approach with our clients and co-workers.

Mainly trough the use of voice and chat messages, with emails.

Uno is an app that allows you to communicate back and forth with email and chat on the same conversation, in one single app. You can jump on chat conversations right from your inbox and goFaster with Uno.

We combine the asynchronicity of email with the agility and instant gratification of chat.

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