Some time ago I bought an android tablet to take digital notes. It turns out the best note-taking app on android is OneNote. OneNote on Windows is great, but on android, it has five times fewer features as Windows counterpart

What it does

line input, rubber (windows - S button)(windows, android, linux - move cursor to right edge: top - rubber bottom - pen), change pages (top bar -previous page, left bar - next page), resize the window (Windows)

How we built it

Through pain, deprecated windows pygame to apk builder, slightly less deprecated and finally working Linux pygame to apk builder - "buildozer"

Challenges we ran into

I lost count, 6 hours of trying to get it to run on android, a lot of python errors like index out of range, and problems with nested strings inside nested strings

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Awake and productive for 25 hours

What we learned

Why I should not use pygame for the final version, why pygame was relatively nice for this quick prototype

What's next for unNote

C++ and Vulkan version

Built With

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