In addition to feeling remarkably disconnected to other people, a lot of people are struggling to gain the motivation to get up and start moving about during the pandemic. {T}w{e}rk Out! aims to solve all of the above - a fun dancing game that gets you off your bum and burn calories with your friends.

What it does

You join a room with your friends and pick a song to dance to. Then you will try a repetitive dance move (such as the "floss") for a certain amount of time and whoever does it most (a.k.a. burns the most calories) will get the most points!

How we built it

Training the model

  • We automatically captured movements for popular dances (such as flossing, can can, disco) using PoseNet using ML5, react, and P5.js
  • After collecting datapoints for the poses, we train an SKLearn model to classify the stages of the dances

Video feed

  • We used Twilio to allow two people to communicate with each other through their webcam and pass the frames to the ML model


  • We detected the poses from the live video feed and classified them using our model
  • More accurate movements entail a higher score
  • The scores are stored on Firebase and are displayed live on the React front end

Challenges we ran into

Third party libraries are really bad. You can only trust yourself (and SKLearn)!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

It works

What we learned

Don't do react in hackathons

What's next for {T}w{e}rk Out!

More dance moves trained on real dance experts

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