Clearly, Captain Toad Treasure Tracker! One of my favourite recently played games.

What it does

It sends you up in different low poly designed locations, where you have to search for treasures, and find coins along the way!

How I built it

Using Unity, reddit tutorials and youtube.

Challenges I ran into

Animating, modelling, and importing characters, still fighting with this, sadly. :(

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The design of the level! I really think it looks pretty good and really reminds me a bit about Captain Toad Treasure Tracker! I am unable to finish everything I have in mind by the time the competition ends, but I'd love to hear the judge's feedback and other gamedevs impression about it, maybe even some times and what direction to follow with it!

What I learned

How to use Unity! How to script the spinning coins, how to make them collectable and how to design a decent level in Unity, with the help of the girls from the design who helped me tweak the colours a bit.

What's next for Unnamed 3rd/first person platformer

Enemies are the top priority, more levels, a very cool 3d interactive menu, more models, assets and stuff created in-house... ??? Free DLCs if everything goes well?

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