6.8 billion cell-phones are used today. Phones were created to send and receive calls => making people able to talk to each other from distance. But Mute people can't use this important feature. They can SMS, but It's a very slow process. There are more than 6,000,000 mute people in the world, so we got an idea that could help them use this important feature. We searched for similar ideas but couldn't find one, so that encouraged us even more to build it.

What it does

It is calling app, where normal person talks normally, and mute person types the text which is converted to speech and sent to normal person, so they have conversation. This is way faster than messaging and almost as fast as normal calling.

How we built it

We used C# for Serverside Code and Actionscript 3 for client-side,Also we used text-to-speech and facebook api's.

What's next for Unmute

Currently Unmute works with our server and internet connection, in the next version, we want to make it work in background without internet connection, and when someone calls mute person, keyboard pops up, and it will work like a charm. I don't think what I said is clear, but we'll explain this better in our presentation

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