The game started as a school-project, ended up impressing enough important people that we decided to make it into a commercial product. We eventually succeeded, released on Steam for PC, iOS and most recently for Android.

We weren't really targeting anyone in particular, we just figured we had something neat in a game that felt like a really broody adventure game, but there was no fail-state, meaning you could just keep playing until you figured a puzzle out in order to continue. A good bunch of people appeared to enjoy this, especially when this wasn't particularly common around 2010 when the project originally started. Since then lots of games of that type have been released, but whatever.

I'm probably most proud of managing to finish the thing, since it was really difficult from a management standpoint. Team's motivation wasn't very high for various reasons, but it appears you can just involve loads of people to do a tiny thing here and there, in order to get a product done :D

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