Inspiration At this critical juncture, when COVID-19 is on an uncontrollable upward surge. We have decided to use our experience ,expertise and knowledge in the space of communication intelligence, specifically location tracking, and develop a simple , fool proof solution that can be deployed rapidly and help the governments to use these technology effectively to contain the spread rather than adopting a knee-jerk reaction of complete lockdown.

What it does Introducing CARE- EPIDEMIC MONITORING AND CONTROL APPLICATION, that can accurately provide the location of the infected person and the ability to track them in near-real time, without creating privacy breach, at the same time providing alerts to others when they reach the vicinity of the infected person or area.

How we built it CARE uses two tier architecture, Android/IOS based mobile application for citizens and residents and a centralized application at the control center that provides complete situational awareness of COVID-19 spread/hot spots , actionable insights and common operating picture for all those agencies involved in this operation, specifically health authorities, law enforcement authorities and municipal authorities.

Challenges we ran into usually we have seen while competitive solutions are generally cell site based and lack reliable location data beyond the accuracy of the provider. CARE mobile application will use the combination of GPS, cell site , Bluetooth and Wi-Fi information to accurately determine the location of the person of interest. Additionally, application will be integrate with the electronic bracelets that will notify the monitoring station when the self isolating individuals are 15 meters away from their phone,in which case warning will be sent.

Accomplishments that we're proud of currently started developing this product and got support of local investors as well.

What we learned agility & resilience leads you to success. We're hopeful we'll build this and deliver.

What's next for CARE_Covid-19: there is number of use cases with regards to healthcare we may consider later on.

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