By its nature, a message in a bottle is cast away - lost - nearly never to be found again - a sad end to a secret thought. The subject in the bottle is so close to heart that one can only feel the desolate loneliness in, "Every man is his own island."

What if you could write a letter about something that matters to you but that you would rather share it anonymously and by chance - say, via a message in a bottle?

Now you can compose a message in a bottle - and throw it into a deep abyss... but it won't be lost!

You might receive a happy burst of hope when you receive a notification that someone else found it! Serendipity as a service.

Or, when you'd rather hunt for kindred spirits via letters, you can find messages in a bottle. Each find will send a push notification to the original sender.

You're never alone, and don't be afraid to share. Write and throw a message in a bottle via UnLost. Or Discover a lone bottle. Create or Find your Happiness!

The single creator of this app hopes you enjoy this demonstration of a next gen anonymous messaging platform via a beautiful 3D augmented reality and virtual reality app that runs on iOS, Android, and Windows Phone.

Please see the attached file for notes and beta quirks...

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