Ordering food online can be a hassle, even when all you want is a simple (vegan) burger. This is inconvenient for the user and prevents food ordering platforms from capitalizing on the market.

What it does

Unlabeled provides the fastest food delivery at flat rates for generic food items. This is possible by having the user order based on the food they want, not the restaurant. For this reason, the offer is given to multiple restaurants on our platform with an amount the user will pay and a mandatory delivery time for the restaurant. Orders will first be given to nearby restaurants with a shorter delivery and restaurants with a higher rating within our platform.

The customer benefits by getting the food they want for a low price, without the hassle or filtering through different restaurants for pricing and delivery information. This results in a super smooth ordering and delivery experience. If the user wants to know where their food came from, they can complete a review. Giving a poor review will give the customer the opportunity to block food from that restaurant in the future.

The restaurant benefits from the control of being able to take more orders when they are less busy and fewer orders when they are very busy. It also allows less known or less popular restaurants to build reputation and rating based solely on the quality of their food. Finally, our app will introduce them to new customers.

How we built it

On coffee and RedBull.

Challenges we ran into

Crashing due to excessive coffee and RedBull

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I drew some vegetables to go on the pizza, that was an experience.

What we learned

Pizza topping silhouettes are hard to draw with enough detail to identify.

What's next for Unlabeled

Broadening the scope of the ordering platform and getting restaurants involved

(not active)

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