Unknown To Me

Unknown To Me is a web application that provides a dynamic experience when visiting a new place. Targeting college campuses, Unknown To acts as a personal concierge, filling you in on quirks as well as ins and outs of the campus. Additionally, it assists you in locating the nearest bathroom, water fountain, meeting place, or vending machine.


As students new to a college campus, we were, and still are eager to discover the small, quirky things that set our campus apart from others. Of course any given tour guide can spit out a list of scripted facts, but we want to hear it from the students themselves.


Unknown To Me allows for a faster assimilation into campus culture, making the transition from high school to college much smoother. For prospective students, this introduces a more in depth glimpse of what the college they are looking at has to offer. For current students or visitors, this provides a fun tour of student approved quirks. Not only does this help with your exploration of campus by providing you with a list of liked places, but it's also convenient, especially when you're looking for a bathroom or water fountain.


Unknown to me will calculate the shortest straight line distance to your desired destination. Furthermore, it will provide a brief description of your destination, for quirks this mean what's unique and for bathrooms this consists of how many stalls there are or how clean it is.

What's Next for Unknown To Me?

We hope that Unknown To Me will expand to more college campuses and even become an add-on for existing map applications such as Google Maps or Waze. We want to increase the number of existing locations by allowing users to add places, contributing to content generation. The quality of any location will be determined by user reviews. However, to prevent users from hating on any given location without reason, we will impose a minimum number of words for the review, forcing the reviewer to give reasons for his/her opinion.

So far this idea is only 24 hours old, so we'll see where it goes...

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posted an update

We won best RPI hack as Hack(RPI); ! In the last day we've also taken it upon ourselves to overhaul the UI and refactor the code. In the last hour we've looked into how our cross platform mobile implementation is going to work .

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