Unizor features a curriculum for advanced middle and high school course of mathematics. The word "advanced" we mean in terms of depth of learning, rather than in terms of number of topics covered. It's a perfect tool to develop creativity, logic and analytic thinking of a student as well as to deepen the knowledge of a teacher.

Most important characteristic that distinguishes this course from many other on-line math courses is its emphasis on problem solving, rigorousness of presentation and proof of theorems as the main methodology, rather than memorization of formulas and properties, unfortunately typical in many cases. A short statement that encompasses this idea is "Knowledge vs. Skill" or "Why? vs. How?". Unizor emphasizes "Knowledge" and "Why?" rather than "Skill" and "How?".

We offer hundreds of problems related to presented theoretical material because solving them is the main tool to develop intellectual power. People forget formulas soon after completing their education, but ability to solve problems will be useful in all aspects of their future life, personal as well as professional.

We would like our students to think about math for their intellectual development as they think about gym for physical development.

Educational material on Unizor is provided in two forms: video presentation and notes for each one. Theoretical material is more or less identical in both forms. Most theorems are proven also in both forms, in lectures and in notes for them. Numerous problems are usually stated in notes without solutions, but solutions are presented in the corresponding lectures in an oral form. All material is controlled by a hierarchical menu and is intended to be studied in the order presented on the Web site, starting from "Math Concepts".

Texas A&M University in its newsletter has published a short article about Unizor at http://disted6.math.tamu.edu/newsletter/newsletters_new/2012_4_07.pdf (second article).

Unizor is free and has no advertising. It is created just to spread the Knowledge and turn the mathematical education towards development of creativity and analytical thinking - qualities needed throughout an entire life, rather than memorization of formulas and properties, which are usually forgotten right after graduation.

The usage of unizor.com has currently reached about 10,000 hits per month on the Web and growing.

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