A lot of our inspiration for this project came from the homelessness panel that was held prior to the event. We learned that there are a large number of different shelters that are focused on different age groups, genders, and even family composition.

What it does

The project locates the homeless shelters that are nearest to the client at any given moment. It then displays how many beds are available at said location, and if it is the best shelter to assist them with their specific situation. We also have functionality that allows employees of these facilities to update the application with available beds, hours, and anything else they think would be beneficial for a client to know prior to visiting the shelter.

How I built it

The project is built in Android Studio, written in Java. The project was built over 3 days as part of Global Hack VI. We took the big picture and split the work up into small bite size pieces. We then split up the work among our five members.

Challenges I ran into

A major challenge we ran into during development was the lack of resources available for the different shelters. It was difficult to find hours of operations and restrictions for all of the shelters. This led to our decision to allow the employees or volunteers of these shelters be able to update information about their respective shelters. This crowd-sourcing approach is one of the reasons we felt that an Android Application was the best medium for the project,

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