Every time I have to buy textbooks, it always sucks. At my campus bookstore, I would be able to get my books quick, but I would have to pay an arm and a leg to get them. Then once the semester was over and you were ready to try and get some of your money back, they would offer to pay you a tenth of what you paid for even though the book is in mint condition.

Ordering online is a little better as far as prices go. However if I ordered them online, I would have no idea if I was actually getting what I ordered, I would pay a super expensive shipping cost, and I would have to wait up to 5 weeks sometimes for shipping.

University Bookstore is a college-community based iOS application built so that they can buy and sell their textbooks directly from other students. This saves the student money by escaping the sale of overpriced books at their bookstore and the underpricing of selling your books back. In additon, you will be able to see exactly what you are getting and be able to pick it up the very same day.

Buying textbooks at the re-sale price is much cheaper than you would find at the bookstore. In addition, the price you can sell it to other students is much more than the university would offer to pay you for your textbook.

A user is able to post books that they are selling, including a description of the book, the price, and a picture of the book. Then another user can search for books people have posted online and find one they want to buy. Then using Stripe's API, you are able to purchase the book. After your card is charged, you will be given the seller's contact information where they can schedule a time to meet up and get the book.

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