As COVID-19 forced every business to rethink their business model, as customers and consumers were forced to work from home and practice social distancing, businesses became digital-first overnight.

Businesses with complex and expensive monolithic architectures are held back from quickly adapting to the rapid shifts in customer behaviour created by the pandemic. Such businesses have become digitally stuck — both now and in the future.

What it does

Our MACHathon project focuses on helping businesses break free and become digitally unstuck while creating digital business value faster, by taking advantage of a composable DXP architecture based on MACH principles.

In just six days the Uniform MACHathon team provided a fully functional combination of Content, Commerce, Search and edge-based personalization with lightning-fast performance and a perfect lighthouse score.

How we built it

We used Next.js as the glue between Algolia, BigCommerce, Contentful, Uniform, and Google Analytics to build a super fast, very personalized experience. Deployed to Netlify.

Challenges we ran into

  • BigCommerce headless documentation was a bit spartan, but we worked around it
  • Delivering super high performance was a challenge, but Next.js helped a lot

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We did all of this in a week!

What we learned

Definite proof that MACH architecture is productive, fun, and can do awesome things - while still being super performant even if integrating a lot of products to the stack.

What's next for Team Alligators: Ultimate MACH DXP proof of concept

More MACH stack.

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