What was the first thing that happened to you when you first visited the University ? Or the first day at your new workplace ? First time in the U.S.Steel Arena ? Yeah, you got lost. Wouldn't it be amazing, if there would be an assistant helping you find out basic things ? Like where you find your class or some more information about the position you are standing at. This idea was the engine which empowered us to make things we made.

What it does

Our goal is to provide the most efficient and innovative solutions for users and also for organizers, who want to look modern. The first use case is the navigation. Using BLE devices we created a virtual “checkpoint” system, which can easily navigate people outdoors and indoors as well. It can be a helpful guideline in Zoo-s, school/university areas or in buildings with many floors. Another usability is displaying detailed information about the things you are standing close to. When your device detects a nearby beacon, it will automatically offer you the Learn more option.Visit the Zoo. In the health sector we'd also implement a disability access tracker for those with movement problems.Show more.

How we built it

The project is divided into three parts. Admin Station: Admin station, which was made solely in Angular connected to Firebase, is the platform for organizers, where they can add checkpoints with information belonging to a given beacon. Beacon configuration: Beacons are represented by RPI and ESP32. Configuration of RPi includes scripts for enabling bluetooth and its modification. ESP32 is configured directly by running C code which allows bluetooth beacon features on board. Mobile App: Mobile app's purpose is to show the exact information for a given beacon. For development of the application was used Flutter.

Challenges we ran into

We had some troubles with connecting the database and the mobile app.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We find an interesting solution of indoor navigation which can be connected with displaying information.

What we learned

The main thing we take away from this Hackathon is how to collaborate as a team. To manage the tasks to do, discuss the development strategy and merge our thoughts. Another important experience was the work with popular development tools such as Firebase,Flutter,Angular and so on.

What's next for Universal Guide

We are planning to increase the number of our checkpoints,adding more information to the database and also add voice input, which helps blind people to orient much more easily. At the end, we would like to make our ideas real. Our first milestone is to increase visitors of Zoo in Kosice. Second one is to bring new technology solution into Kosice or better.. to lovely Slovakia!

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