Growing up, I was always active in school and athletics. In elementary school I wanted to get involved in every project or activity. I started learning sign language at age 7 and at age 8 became friends with some wonderful deaf and hard of hearing kids in my class. This was my first experience realizing that I wanted to do something that cared for others.

Playing many sports, I inevitably got occasional injuries. It wasn't until my two ACL surgeries that I thought about being a sports medicine physician. Then I realized I didn't have the mental capacity to handle interacting with blood and I had to find another method to utilize my creativity and desire to help others.

In 2012 I entered Philadelphia University as an Architecture student. I thought I would design homes for people in need; I was a huge fan of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. Later into the semester, I learned about the Industrial Design program. There were so many possibilities: I could design shoes that helped prevent the impact on your joints, I was exposed to social impact design, and designing for people with disabilities.

Around this time, I stumbled upon an inspirational video by Bespoke Innovations on their 3D printed prosthesis which lead me to reading Graham Pullin's book, "Design meets Disabilities". I was hooked, this is how I could fulfill my passion.

After working with a deaf client and developing a use and mobile app for new smart glasses technology, I continued to research where the deaf community needs better communication. After discussing the issues with multiple students that I attended elementary school with, we established the education system as them most pertinent for needing immediate change.

I am designing a transcription system for deaf and hard of hearing students from 4th grade to High School to understand what their teacher and classmates are saying. They can also use this transcription to save and refer back to notes

I am currently in the prototyping stages using 3D printing for form and Raspberry Pi for works-like

I am not an engineer or software developer, therefore I need help completing these to essential aspects of the product.

I won the Philadelphia University Business Model Competition, Will be pitching at College Pitch Philly in the next round on February 24th at the University City Science Center Quorum, and just completed the second round of Hatch House accelerator.

I have learned a lot about the ergonomics of a child, their learning habits, and other disabilities and how it effects children's other senses as well. I also have been working a lot on the business side of things and have learned more about pricing, business models, liability, and forming my network.

I am looking for help! If you're interested please email your resume and one interesting fact about you to

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