The occurrence of the COVID-19 pandemic has had an immense impact on our reality. Safety and hygienic measures have been heavily implemented throughout all public settings ranging from workplaces, restaurants, to even medical facilities, though one common form of communication remains to be safely conducted. Our team was intrigued by the idea that information transmission currently consists of a strong amount of physical contact, increasing the risk of transmitting the virus. Filling out forms has become a frequent and repetitive process with consistent requests usually based around details such as; Name, Phone Number, Email, etc.. . Often the information is then typed into an online software by an employee at the facility, which is a very ineffective approach to keeping track of visitors. What if we could share essential forms of input through a united application/web platform, enabling a safe and efficient way of transferring details through a request-based system. Consisting of a powerful thoroughly authenticated process, we can revolutionize the world of data transfer, and potentially prevent an uncountable amount of people from contracting the virus.

What it does

Universal is an immersive & easy-to-use platform allowing the transfer of personal data to required services through a third-party request system. Utilizing two-factor authentication with the assistance of Google Firebase, every individual on the platform has a unique code identifier (UCI) which automatically updates on a 30-minute interval system to ensure the highest level of privacy. As a request for information is made, the user must input their UCI into the alert field and all of the required details will be automatically transferred to the request maker’s screen. Any additional information required will appear on the user’s device prior to data submission and can be conveniently filled out through one’s personal device.

The concept exceptionally eliminates all forms of contact, heavily reduces wait times & lineups, and overall is the perfect solution to increasing safety in our communities.

How we built it

For wireframing, our group used Figma, Dribbble and other design tools and inspirations. Universal was mainly built with standard HTML, CSS and JS. Our group was quite familiar with these technologies and was able to use them quite well. Our group also utilized Google Firebase’s JavaScript SDK for Authentication and Cloud Firestore for user management and database use. Finally, to develop our mobile app, we utilized Adobe Phonegap to build with standard web development technologies.

Challenges we ran into

One challenge our group faced was during the ideation process. Our group formed many quality ideas that were worthy of use. However, while analyzing the ideas we encountered many flaws which caused us to have to reevaluate our options. In order to form the best idea, extensive brainstorming was required which was very time-consuming. Also, we found it difficult to prioritize the screens that needed to be coded over other screens and also faced difficulty in predicting the tediousness of our front-end phase.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Our group is quite proud of our web app and mobile app’s design and fluidity of user experience. We are also proud of our use of Firebase, since 50% of our team is new to development and had to learn how to utilize Firebase through the JavaScript SDK from scratch. Finally, what we are likely most proud of is our ability to finish our project in time for submission and have a final project to show for our work.

What we learned

Our group learned many new features for HTML, CSS and JS, but most importantly we learnt how to work well as a team and also how to divide our time and work for the most efficiency. Before we were working as four solo members but once we realized that we were behind schedule we learned that we needed to work as a team in order to finish off our application. We also learned that the divide and conquer method would be the most efficient method to finish off the project. So we divided up the different components of the project and assigned it to each member.

What's next for Universal - A Secure and Powerful Data Transfer Repository

In the future, Universal will be supporting employees and individuals on its web platform as well as its mobile version. This will allow easy access for employees to connect to their respective organizations or places of work. Also, we plan to work on integrations that will allow organizations to analyze and take their customer/employee data from Universal and move it to other analytical and storage software.

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