In the COVID19 crises, my inspiration and idea are Interactive Novigative Visualization Universe to enable Everyone on the Planet to contribute to and benefit from AI in the pandemic uncoordinated mess.

What it does

This Tech Model is to Automate Multitask solutions for complex changeable circumstances and systems from the variety hierarchy points of viewing (using). It is aggregated dynamic information for your observations and interacting in the universe visualization.

Univers.AI responsive visualization ecosystem for hundreds of calls worldwide for immediate address thousands of problems directly and indirectly resulting from the pandemic.

How I built it

Objects (tracking’s of the individual human process) are presented in the form of information’s visual next-gen interactive blocks, the content of which determines their timing parameter by location on the virtual space visual database and properties by color (pixel on the virtual space visual database). This technology is on idea stage level, hypothetically, to be used the desensitized web dynamic graph database Convolution NeuralNetwork patterns and pixel stream communication. Everything and everyone is in a causal relationship with each other (by using Graph Database; Convol/ Neural Net).

Challenges I ran into

Since Univer.AI is not a mono-product but a complex solution, which core is the large volume of benefit's value and it's cognition, it is really hard to give a simple explanation review for mixed audiences and to create a team. Briefly only to say that Univers.AI a new protocol for the innovative policy chain, however, it is much more curious and promising’, and still any fault hasn't been found in its theory.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am proud of the treasury's knowledge I have obtained while researching on my way of Univers.AI development and interesting people, professionals, I have the luck to meet and work with. I am looking forward to inspiring and explore more. The most of all I proud ability to bring help people.

Accomplishments that I'm proud

to bring idea which enables at once : 1) to process not static but dynamic data; 2) personal and/or mass systems; 3) instant responses the ultra-low latency interaction; 4) unprecedented speed; 5) connections everywhere; 6) universal comprehensive for any individual; 7) to adjust the balance; 8) to change society.

I am proud that Univers.AI is to bridge and sustain human being's systems by making the invisible global enemy COVID19 to be visible for all of us in the Planet. I believe Univers.AI would make possible to unite global coordination with shared leadership to exclude pandemic and enforce evolution.

What I learned

What's next for Univers.AI vs COVID-19

Ahead is the creation this universal computing space of problem-solving processes dynamic networks. Searching. Team building. Happy to know that it works and serves from start point.

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