Iuliiana Unesikhina,

I have a Master of Business Administration and Finance from Economic Academy and Executive FinTech Innovation Global Banking Program of Columbia BS University background.

My extensive experience in Global Capital Markets, Investment Strategies, and Digital Transformation brought me to the intention to architect an Infinite Algorithm to ”uni” and ”verse” each on the planet to harmony world. Taking the fight to COVID-19 is all about real-time problem epicenter identification and sustainable individual continuous support and care distribution. It is also quickly sharing and addressing the right information. But how do you do this? Where there are more than a dozen languages? How do we cross the political and hierarchical borders? How to help a poor person in the remote region?

To create a universal computing space of solving process dynamic networks allows us to simultaneously use and manage it on any viewpoint, from the government and global policy organization until the poor and uneducated individual. It is what we need to take the fight to the COVID-19 because it is a visual manifold of the current situation for decision making, with a unified way of personal using and interacting globally. This technology on idea stage level, hypothetically, we use desensitized web as a dynamic graph database with Convolution NeuralNetwork patterns and pixel stream communication.

What it does

How I built it

Challenges I ran into

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

What I learned

What's next for Univers.AI against COVID-19

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