To create a fast and easy way for students to become apart of the university social world of clubs, events and societs. We provide both quick access to ALL university clubs and events without any required login or work on the user or club's part. We also offer great learning algorithms to generate club and event recommendations

How it works

Users can just download the app and subscribe to clubs from any university or category. they they can see upcoming events in their personalised event feed. There's also a tending feed of the most popular events and a discover tab where users can get recommendations for new clubs to subscribe to based off their current clubs and how they relate with other users' club choices

Challenges I ran into

Scope creep was a big issue. It was an ambitious task form the beginning so having regular chats about our direction was essential. Of our four team members we had 1 person working on an IOS app, 1 on a web app, 1 on data scraping and 1 on creating the backend/api so communication was really important to keeping scope creep under control

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Personally (James typing), I'm proud that I was able to self learn how to create a backend API for this competition and get it to work on the day in a reasonable fashion. I'm also proud that I managed to finish the core parts of my part of the project and even some of the more complicated relational learning algorithms to generate the great club recommendations.

What I learned

That energy drinks can be transformed into code and that a small team can accomplish a very large project in a short time, learning a ton in the process not only about technology but about team work and the broader social atmosphere of a hackathon. It was my first and I very much enjoyed it (James).

What's next for Univent

Hopefully we can rebuild our project over a longer time span using what we've learnt today to build a stable, useful and amazing service for students around victoria!

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