Unifying cloud storage, one account at a time.

Everyone has run into a time when they needed a file from one of their various cloud accounts, and then been reduced to the drudgery of signing into multiple accounts spread across several webpages. It's not uncommon to have many different cloud storage accounts in this day and age, further adding to the disarray of personal storage.

We're here to change that.

UnityDrive not only allows you to sign into multiple instances of your cloud storage accounts (such as Google Drive, Dropbox, and Box), but it allows you to maintain simultaneous connections to several accounts in each of these services side by side.

UnityDrive then allows you to work with the files from all your cloud storage accounts in one unified aggregate view. In the future we hope to allow each user to have their own cloud instance of the application (spun up in Heroku), able to be accessed anywhere. This isn't merely convenient, it ensures that the user's data never passes through our hands.

Without the hassle and worry of many scattered cloud accounts, you can rest at ease knowing exactly where and how to access your data when you need it most.

Unify your storage. Unify your life. Unify your destiny.

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