After going to VR world's workshop during the event, we noticed the online store on their website and it gave us the idea of making shopping VR too. Our original idea of the scene was like a gallery displacement, but after thinking further, we decided to abandon physics and decided to make the objects float in space. (cause why not)

What it does

It's a simple VR shopping space where the items for sale are floating around you. You can click on it and bring it closer to see the details of the item. The sphere nearby is the exit button.

How we built it

We use unity to make the VR app.

Challenges we ran into

The biggest challenge we had was integrating the gaze pointer for Oculus Rift and camera setting. Since with 2 cameras (one for UI, one for Scene), the view need to be adjusted in order to not cause dizziness. This part took us the longest time to figure out the solution.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Overcoming the challenge mentioned above is probably our biggest accomplishment. Working pretty well as a team is also another one.

What we learned

After the experience, we have better knowledge of using both Unity and Oculus, and the process of developing a VR app.

What's next for UnityChan-cewit2018

Probably integrating some API to allow it to have further service properties. (e.g. Payment) And also improving the overall scene.

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